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The TransAm Edition

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  • Soft fleece knitted fabric inner
  • Breathable air-exchange stitching
  • High density 210GSM stitching weave to help prevent dust migration
  • 4-Sided Form-Fit Elastic Hemming for that silky smooth fit
  • Accidental bump and scratch damage resistant
  • 5-Year Warranty from The Cover Shop

Colours Available: Midnight Black Only

Suits all TransAm styles (Camaro, Challenger, Mustang)

Use: Indoor Only

Hood Logo Print Options:

Regular: 'The Cover Shop' printed on nose area

Custom Car Cover Logo Print: 20 - 35 inch print with logo of your choice printed on the hood area above 'The Cover Shop'

Car In Photos: Chevrolet Camaro TransAm Car

  • Sale
  • Regular price $355.00